We must always remember that love is none other than understanding.
by Thich Nhat Hanh, Essential Writings (via allcameundonethemomentyoumeantit)

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Anonymous said: Why did you choose the major/minor that you did?

Well. There’s a couple reasons. Since I have two majors. I have things I want to do with them.
For my English with a concentration in creative writing, I want to learn how to write and cultivate myself as a poet and novelist. I don’t see myself writing books for a living. However, I’ve been having fun working on a book that’s going to be a creative non-fiction novel using my journals from my travels. Jack Kerouac kind of stuff. It will beautiful. Hopefully hahah.
Also having a basic understanding of literature and grammar is generally helpful in the world.
My religions and cultures of Asia Major comes in when I want to take my journeys to Southeast Asia. I’m looking into studying Buddhism and other eastern philosophies abroad and then after graduating, I plan on getting my certification to teach English as a second language in India and once I’m there, I can study and write until I want to come back. Once in America I see myself using my writing skills to bring light where there’s darkness. That’s why I chose my major.
It’s what I find myself interested in and what I feel called to do.

Anonymous said: First thing you notice about the opposite sex.

A girl’s style definitely pops out first.
But the hook and sinker is the eyes. And the lips. Posture is key too.

Anonymous said: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

So many places come to mind. I want to move to Southeast Asia to study after college. So India, Nepal, Tibet maybe. Places like that.
Ultimately I want to end up in Colorado or Cali like everybody else.
But if pot gets legalized all over America I could definitely picture myself in Boone, NC.
I would love to live anywhere isolated and near the mountains.

Anonymous said: Favorite part of your body and least favorite part of your body.

I love every part of my body as a piece of artwork in progress
But on a more honest note, I think I have really nice eyes and some sick flow and I’m almost done exterminating my least favorite part of my body which is that little bit of love handles. I’m dancing it off while I’m on tour!
But I want to re-emphasize the importance of self-love for however your beauty manifests!

Anonymous said: What ended your longest relationship?

Colorado took my baby away


The Ghost Inside - Engine 45 (x)